Building stronger families
through relationship education

Strengthening our life and marriage by building skills for lasting love is the first step in giving back to our children, family, co-workers, church, and community.
Programs at Relationship Research Foundation help you:
 Build lasting love.
 Improve communication skills.
 Better understand your children.
 Have more fun with your partner and family.
 Know what you really want in life.
Through the Third Option program, couples and
individuals learn how to:
 Build a climate of respect.
 Understand expectations.
 Cope with control issues.
 Handle anger constructively.
 Listen beyond the words.
 Appreciate personality differences.
Learn practical insights to effectively manage your being and improve relationships at all stages of live and love.
Relationship Research Foundation (RRF) is a non-profit organization that provides skills-based relationship education programs, relationship education facilitator trainings, and public awareness campaigns to increase the general public’s awareness of the value of relationship education.
The Third Option, led by Don and Alex Flecky, is one of the programs funded by RRF.
Marriage and parenting education, couples communication, relationship skills classes and training in Orange County, CA
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